Flinders Lane Gallery, March 2018


…MRS3 is a sequence of multi-faceted wall works in marble, plywood and ceramic which presents manifold possibilities as to the arrangement of identical elements within clearly defined and gridded boundaries. It is as if Blackwell is attempting to represent the basic 0-1 binary code in formal, though structural, relief. For the vast majority, however, who are not versed in computer language, binary code remains a vague concept though one whose importance is well recognised (after all, the mass panic of the Millennium [Y2K] Bug could not have arisen otherwise). It is of interest to note here that Mondrian also utilised his own binary symbols, namely ‘+’ and ‘-‘, in a series of early paintings, notably Composition 1916 and Composition in Line 1917, where ‘each element (was) determined by its contrary.’  Whilst Mondrian’s binary paintings sought to project an inner calm, Blackwell’s marble and ceramic pieces pulsate with visual energy as the eye follows the undulating peaks and valleys, illusionary topographies being created along the way.


MRS3 1.1 2018 Carrar marble & plywood 36cm x 24cm x 8cm

MRS3 1.1 2018
Carrar marble & plywood
36cm x 24cm x 8cm