Doubling The Cube

Mana Contemporary, May - July 2017


Exhibition Forward by Third Object

Doubling the Cube includes sculpture and installation that investigate abstract questions about the nature of orientation in space, the extremities of theoretical dimensions, and the ways that truth and consensus are wrestled collectively into being.

The exhibition takes place in a long room defined on one side by a series of eleven closely spaced electrical outlets. Taking advantage of this functional architecture, Conlon crafted eleven mechanical sculptures, each of which illustrates one of the eleven dimensions described by M-theory, a branch of string theory. Moving from object to object, one can see the ways that dimensional transitions flow from one to the next or leap disjunctively. Each exists on the edges of representation, where the ability to visually describe the properties of a dimension becomes a challenge of reaching and grasping ...

Doubling the Cube Catalog

Interview with Jan Tichy,  Exhibition Text by Third Object, Complementary Work documentation

DL - 44

Kate Conlon, 2018. Contributions by RFP members, Illustrations by Richard Blackwell


Kate Conlon

Dimension 00-10, 2018

11 individual works including:
Plywood, aluminum, LED lights, Acrylic plastic.


DL - 44, 2018

DL - 44: In Pursuit of the Perfect Replica
Artist Book
Published by Third Object in a first edition of 100
Design by Hour Studio
Illustrations by Richard Blackwell



Richard Blackwell

Navigational Apparatus, 2017

Site specific installation of 70 pieces for Doubling the Cube
Cast aluminum, stainless steel bolt and washer
imensions variable

Terrain Roller 1, 2017

Maple, ash, plywood, stainless steel, polyurethane finish5
2x 26 x 8 inches